International Guild of Knot Tyers

Knots (Chapman's Nautical Guides) by Brion Toss

Knots (Chapman's Nautical Guides) by Brion Toss, illus. Gae Pilon.

Hearst Marine Books 2000 ISBN 9781588160188

Brion TOSS will be known to I.G.K.T. members for his brief yet } rather painful visit to London in June 1986 for the I.G.K.T. ~ Knotting Extravaganza - a sudden back injury turned his attention from international knotting to English ceilings. ' To others, especially in the United States, Brion is better known as an expert rigger and ropeworker; famous for his regular articles in 'Sail' and 'Woodenboat' Magazines, his earlier book 'The Rigger's Apprentice' - sold in the U.K. as 'The Complete Rigger Wire and Rope'. He has also broadcast as Mr Knot and hosted and written a knot tying video,' 'Sailors Knots and Splices'. In 192 pages we see Brion's enthusiasm for knotting - through chapters on binding knots, hit9hes, loop knots, bends, splices, belays, coil handling and whippings and seizings. There are also sections on tackles and a little fancywork. In all, over a hundred knots are explained and discussed - advantages, disadvantages with clear line drawings by full-time illustrator Gae Pilon. As with Brion's earlier writing this book leaves the reader itching to tie knots!