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Lancelot L Haslope - Knotting, Splicing and Working Cordage - in WORK magazine

Haslope's articles about knotting and ropes were published in a few monthly instalments, from March 1891 - February 1892, in WORK magazine. The sub-title for this journal is An illustrated magazine of practice and theory, for all workmen. professional and amateur, edited by Francis Chilton Young. It is a fascinating collection of articles and the issues from 1889-1892 are available from the Internet Archive site.

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Video of how to tie a Lobster Knot by Mickey Kogure

The Lobster Knot is an elegant way of keeping a length of rope in a tidy fashion and also making it easy to release in a hurry.

It is a compulsory part of a Fireman's equipment in Japan and here it is demonstrated by Mickey Kogure on one of his many visits to IGKT AGMs, this one being the 2016 meeting in Fareham, Hampshire, UK.

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Knot Charts

Please take a look at these diagrammatic charts with instructions on how to tie about 70 different knots.  We hope that, over time and with the assistance of members, we can add new drawings.  The charts are available here.

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