International Guild of Knot Tyers

Halter-Tying Success By Diane Longanecker

Halter-Tying Success - A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Hand-Tied, Rope Halters for Horses by Diane Longanecker

Horse Owner Success Books (2002) ISBN 978-0963532060

After having seen this book offered for sale in Troyer’s Rope Catalog (1-800-872-0103) [in the USA]) for the last two or three years, I decided to buy it even though I already know how to tie these halters and have been doing so for over a decade. I’m glad I
did, as this is an excellent addition to my knot-tying library.

Diane Longanecker has done a supurb job of writing this much needed book. She has done her homework well; not only does she know her subject well, but she has taken the time and effort to learn to teach it as well as she ties the halter.

Her book is written in a clear, concise, logical manner that is easy to follow, even if you have no previous knowledge of knot tying. Armed with the information in this book and 20ft (6.5m) of rope, you will soon be making custom fitting halters with confidence.

The book is presented in a ring type of binding that allows it to lay flat, no need to try holding the book open with one hand while trying to tie the halter with the other hand,and it is printed on a cardstock paper that will hold up to many hours of do-it-yourselfers studying its contents in less than library conditions.

Again a hearty congratulations to Diane for a job well done. Her book will be a good choice to add to an advanced knot tyer’s library and an excellent choice for novice knot-tying horse owners that want to make high quality halters economically for their horses.

A good book well worth the money.

“Marline Spike Mike” Bromley
President, P.A.B. of IGKT