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International Guild of Knot Tyers

Sue WicksteadI studied to be a teacher from 1973-76 and, as part of my course, my special study was on ‘Knots’. I was going to write a study on ‘Macramé’, but as it was then a reviving craft, I was advised to write about ‘Knots’. I thought I knew about half a dozen knots, so wondered how this would work, but then I found the Ashley Book of Knots and received a distinction!

In 1982, I learnt of the IGKT - I was in touch with Eric Franklin and Geoffrey Budworth – and subsequently joined. I continued to add to my study and still love knots.
My intention, many years ago, was to write a ‘Macramé’ book, or to publish my patterns, but this never happened, though I did teach macramé at adult education classes once.

I also had a small craft business before having my children. But I am afraid that after the 10th Santa or the 10th frog I got bored and left it behind. There are photos of some of my work on Flickr.

I have worked as a supply teacher for over 20 years, across Sussex and Surrey and alongside my teaching career, I have worked with a Children’s Charity, a Playbus, which led me to write a photographic history book about it, which in turn led to my writing Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus (2014) with more stories on the way. In my role as visiting supply teacher I am able to share the story with many children as well as leave a copy of the book in each school as I go. More details at

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