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Magazine articles that have occurred to me
« on: July 14, 2007, 09:20:09 AM »
Dear All

As all our children will be in state education from September (we used to home educate, but ill health prevented our continuing), my husband has suggested that I try to take up a journalism course I dropped some years ago.

The articles that have occurred to me with a knotting theme are:

- A local county magazine article covering the half-yearly meeting at Styal,

- An exploration of just how many knot-related crafts there are, and an overview of where to find more about them for a craft magazine.  I know they probably have articles on 'how to do' macrame, tatting, etc, but I don't know if any of them have done an overview on the 'if you like that, you'll like this' format.

The questions I have are:

1 - would anyone mind if I do an article on the half-yearly meeting (Cheshire Life looks like the only candidate at the moment), including photographs, if I can figure out how to take good photos....

2 - The knot-related crafts that I know the names of are: decorative knotting, Chinese knotting (including buttons), scoubidou, macrame, tatting, net-making (including needle-hitching?), lacemaking (I believe this is different to tatting, but I'm not familiar enough with either of them to know why), and finger-weaving.  I also saw reference in KM to the Japanese decorative sennits, but I don't have the edition in my hand right now.  Also, there are knitting and crochet - are these in the family, or are they excluded because of the use of 'needles' - but then that would preclude netting and needle-hitching as well....

  I found the phrase "fiber arts" on a Google search, which covers weaving, spinning and so on as well.  And of course, that reminds me of actual ropemaking, which is the precursor to knotting.  But I would be getting too far afield there.  And string games threw up this page with several links:

Can anyone add more names to the list?  Google searching bogs down when you can't define something accurately enough.  You wouldn't believe how many pages there are on weddings that 'tie the knot'!


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