Author Topic: Knot breaking strengths and theories - again -- Take 2  (Read 1888 times)


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Knot breaking strengths and theories - again -- Take 2
« on: July 03, 2007, 07:15:36 PM »
Perhaps one way of galvanising our Council is to try to start work on this challenge ourselves.  Then perhaps the lessons we learn can be used to encourage the Council to formulate an action programme, seek funding and champion Projects.

While a forum is a good structure for debate, it is very limiting when it comes to running projects and sharing results.

The new breeds of wiki however are much more able to deliver the tools and structure needed to create programmes, create testing protocols and display results.  Todays wiki can show video clips (YouTube style) of tests, equipment operation, knots under construction and disruption etc.  They can hold spreadsheets of results directly editable by members, they allow immediate chat (although if you have Skype then you even have video conferencing), and of course by no means least, the whole of the wiki is searchable, so cross referencing becomes a breeze.

So how about giving it a go?

I have set up a wiki at called IGKT Workshop that contains all of these features and more.

The home page has a number of training videos to help introduce newbies to the wiki experience.  When you are ready to jump in and have a go inputting stuff for yourself, you will need a password.  I have asked the Webmistress if she will issue these for us.  If she agrees, then just PM her and ask for the password, then jump in.

The sidebar on the right has a few links to pages I have created already, hopefully to start the ball rolling.  Please go have a look and tell me if you think this might just help the job along.

If the project dies on its feet through lack of interest, then at least we can use the site to post video clips of how to tie knots when words have failed us.

If you have any question on how to use the wiki, then post them here, doubtless others have the same question, so solutions to problems can be shared by all.