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"Life on a Line"
« on: April 23, 2007, 01:23:12 PM »
Dr. Merchant has upgraded and expanded his knot, rig and climbing guide; the dually approprioately named "Life on a Line".  Much more and more colorful updated info.  Climbing/Caving knots, failure tests and notes, rigging, hardware etc.  About 2x the info as before.

The first version was free; and so long ago it was in 3 parts so you didn't have to download the whole 2.7 meg at once.  In the link i've combined the parts into 1 book for viewing or download.  Quite a respectable contribution.

Another fair freebie on bare basics of knotting and rigging is the US Army Rigging Field Manual; including the Speir on page 49, that forms a kind of quick release fixed eye/ "Bowline" (by function/ not design).  i'll try to explain my alternative method of tying it:  Make a loose BuntLine (Clove to self to form eye; Bitters towards eye); then pull Bitters to invert just that Hitch of the Clove(not the other one closer to SP).  Knot will now be a fixed eye and not a shrinking eye of a BuntLine.  Send Bitters / end back thru where it came from (to form a slip configuration finish).   Pull the tail/ Bitter End and the lock dutifully falls apart.
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