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Hitch or Half Hitch?
« on: April 23, 2007, 12:59:40 PM »
When do you call something a Hitch or Half Hitch?

i see the terms sometimes used interchangeably; or what is a Hitch on a post becomes a Half Hitch if on a rope?

What are the visual and mechanical differences is something that has kept me awake a few nights.  i think it goes by pattern, flow of force and reversibility of this flow (and still have same form of mechanics for that module).  i think there is 1 unreversible form of Hitch(if reversed forms a different mechanic), but several forms of Half Hitches (preceding another knot/anchor, an indirectly trapping Hitch around self after a Turn around mount and a Half with better nip) that are all reversable(opposite end can be pulled to invert to same mechanics).  i'm not to sure we should define something as a Hitch on a firm/hard mount (wood); but as a Half on a 'soft' mount (rope).

i think defining these most basic pieces of the puzzle will help form the whole picture more accurately.  i think many lessons in these basics can be L-earned from the most basic knots of the Square/ Reef to SheetBend family/ class.   Also that rigging is like enlarged knots/ knots under a microscope; so that they can reveal more of their secrets.
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