Author Topic: KM111: Editor's Blotter (re: naming knots)  (Read 870 times)


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KM111: Editor's Blotter (re: naming knots)
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:08:29 AM »
The Canadian postal carriers' strike is over just in time for me to receive my KM111 (unless the rest of the world received theirs weeks ago, I wouldn't know 8).  Lindsey's Editor's Blotter asks the question of how might we as a guild go about naming knots officially and uniquely?

As a theoretically official authority on the topic I suggest this:
- on both Wikipedia and the guild website simultaneously (or guild website first), make a page for each knot and illustrate it so everyone knows what we're talking about.  List known names (so that people can find what they are looking for even if they aren't calling it the same thing) and pick one and anoint it as the IGKT official recommended name.  If there are different contexts where a name might be official, note those as well (eg. lark's head in macrame/jewelry circles, and cow hitch elsewhere, X when weaving, Y when netting and Z when climbing, etc).
- WRT speaking on Wikipedia with one voice, I recommend creating a role email on the that would link to a Wikipedia profile and used to make IGKT annotations with the password and email rotating to the current holder of that position.

My 2 cents (pence??).