Author Topic: The apparent need for a new topic category: Mathematical concepts & explorations  (Read 1652 times)


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To the moderators / owners of the IGKT forum:

There appears to be some interest in pursuing mathematical concepts.

It does appear to be confined to a select few - but it might have broader appeal.
The topic threads that are focused on math and mechanical advantage systems are distant from the grass roots of this forum - which (obviously) is knots and knot tying.

Is it possible to create a new topic category titled: Mathematical Concepts and Explorations ?

It could exist as a 'child' folder linked to 'Knotting concepts and explorations' ?


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Good day Mark.

I?ll look into this. But for now, I would hope that any poster who wants to continue with posting about mathematical knot theory or explorations in the appropriate board, will please add some indicator in the thread title. That will be helpful, seeing that there quite a few posts that contain some math.



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Curiously, to me, perhaps so much a guilty party;
Am such a geek when you say "mathematical knot theory"
i kinda am thinking theoretical computer and biology knots, helixes etc. ( that even I would think is beyond forum scope)
A thread might evolve to an unintended math point as a consideration also.
But, also math is simply the language of comparative differences;
Thus can do reverse engineering to point of being able to read happenings and eventually predict outcomes..
Math tells the most truth(s), and verifies are aligned.
Much better is to learn block units, understand their underlying structure, and how to assemble them in chain to target.  Understanding pivotal points is really quickest way to cover most ground  and fabric between in least amount of time.  If instincts and understandings don't true to math, should re-weigh and measure all.  When really get the math patterns is like a decoder key to so much.  That see same patterns reflected in things all around, confirming by example, even not at work, just cuz have decoder ring ( kind of concept).
PI is only Greek symbol I use....
Recently in "Measurements of cF for Capstan Equation " I did try to give some math background but then minimal numbers of  calc , 2 of them constants ( 'e' and PI * .25 as research paper uses) , then only amount of  180 arcs for capstan equation, which can be difficult subject, but with very few keystrokes now can more truly digest and crack the code of what is going on and match to experiences and the light can go on.  Partially because this topic came up.  But really the thread title screaches out math several times already to me: Measurement, coefficient (cf), equation etc.  But then to me everything probably screaches out math!
Jest post from one of math folk in the balance ( no pun intended, maybe)
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