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i really am calm, don't feel like being attacked etc. TY.  i think we come from different traditional courtesies perhaps.
i think i have presented several Trucker's etc. over time w/o pulleys.  But really trying to blur that line to grasp the whole mechanics.
i know i respond to a lot of your math replys, but that is just because believe in the other side to be presented in fair balance.  Also is root to many of my understandings and definitions, also kinda how my mind works, and how i exercise it.
Really just trying to share what i consider soundest model by components and why, that is even shown in the maths that define differences as yet another pruf other than just like models distilled down to these things, wider encompassing mechanics of rope  specifically and in general.
In much of my reverse engineering and cross comparison i don't accept what i find until i can prove it shows many places that simply engulf knotting as a parent and knots are simply an inheriting child w/o choice.
And over time, i found this as very confirming to my views, and urging me on, from Ancient History Encyclopedia: Greek Maths
"The technique of abstraction, based on ignoring physical considerations which are seen as merely incidental. Whether it was a rope, a piece of wood or any other physical object was irrelevant. It was all about properties of ?straight lines? connecting at angles, nothing more. These lines are simply mental constructs and the only entity necessary to the solution of the problem. The process of abstraction is about getting rid of all the nonessential elements and considering only what is fundamental.
For me that was rope and tree , following cosine for those lines they saw and sine for any deflections from that single unique line axises.  It took awhile, but i finally got it.  It is all the same rules the Ancients tried to tell us.  Not special because is rope, their are only a few different rules for all of flexible support class.  This view gives a much larger supporting framework to understanding, a more tangible fabric of consistent parts, than spotty places of knowledge thinking only related to rope.
"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed" -Sir Francis Bacon
We now return you to the safety of normal thinking peoples.
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