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Re: A crossing knot link bowline
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                                                                         A strange equivalence         

The knot structure illustrated in the first three images, is a two collar double eye knot, EEL and TIB, but not a bowline. The nipping loop, does not constrict both collar legs, one of them is not being fed through the nip, but it is being driven through the crossing knot collar, near the eye.

A bizzare but rather easy tsansition from this instance, to an Eskimo bowline on a bight might take place, if one pulls both the returning eye legs, working out the slack of the initial eye. A proper dressing is required, to achieve the appropriate Eskimo's `tresse`, shown in fourth image.

Undoubtedly, this alternate knot geometry presented here, is alleged to have an edge in terms of jam resistance, in relation to Eskimo, but is this property sufficient in order to brake the symmetry of an Eskimo structure with a `tresse` like this? Tough to answer :-\.

Note, that the transition from the Eskimo to this structure is not so obvious.

A handedness alternation of the crossing knot collar, produces similar results.

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