Author Topic: How can I 'neatly' finish / start the end of a 17 strand French sennit Belt?  (Read 647 times)


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I am going to make a belt with the 17 strand French sennit shown here. The cords at the buckle end can just be eye spliced on the bar of the buckle, but at the other end (which will be fed through the belt loops on trousers), what can I do? I want the end to be sturdy, ideally to be tapered down from the width of the sennit and ideally to be decorative with no free ends showing.

Now the sennit has to be made with an odd number to work (there is a 13 strand version too). Normally with a project like this I would just start from the end I wanted to be 'finished', using cords twice as long as needed, and start with the middle of each cord at the beginning of the belt. I can't do that here. I would like ideally something like a ocean plait mat as the end, and deal with the odd number by middle splicing my last line into of the other as the bradi proper is about to begin. Or maybe just find a suitable mat design and 'cut it half' down the middle, then what remains would be a template for a belt ending.

Apologies, a lot of this is probably the incoherent ramblings of a very tired man. Any thoughts appreciated.