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4 Hook Ropemaking Machine
« on: August 02, 2019, 05:29:06 AM »

I recently decided to make my own 4 hook rope making machine.
I have a thing about turning handles clockwise (Like the New Era Machine) so was looking for a wheel with an internal gear. At our Historical Village, we seldom throw stuff away and I found two identical old Qualcast push mowers with steel wheels which had internal gearing. I only needed one wheel but four pinions hence the two mowers needed.
With everything stripped down and cleaned, the next task was to mount the pinions onto a suitable solid block of timber at the correct centre distance to allow them to mesh with the wheel.
I cut off the surplus wheel rim as not needed.
I turned timber shafts from hardwood to mount the pinions and also turned a wooden sleeve to mount the wheel as the internal diameter of the wheel hole was quite large.
The timber pins allowed me to screw the hooks into the end.
There was a plan in mind to reproduce everything in metal but it works so well I may well leave it as is.
Careful measurement resulted in my having to make three attempts to get the meshing correct.
You can see the other trial holes in the board. The 3rd set were cut off at the top.
I made a strap to mount on the outside of the wheel and turned a handle to drive it.
I then had to make a top to suit so made a tapered one on the lathe and routed out the four grooves.
The first live trial was done in the carport using a washing basket trolley at the swivel end, suitably weighted. I got my partner Anne to turn the handle while I controlled the top.
The biggest problem we had was the sisal baling twine kept grabbing an adjacent yarn while twisting so it was a case of stop, untwist and go again.

The resultant 3metre 4 strand rope worked out well. Obviously for future use we will have T bar separators to keep the strands apart while twisting. Either that or a few extra hands??..

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