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Hello from Southern California, United States
« on: January 07, 2019, 07:30:11 PM »
I've been braiding/plaiting for about 15 years and on, of course.
I learned a little from a gentleman named Tim (can't remember his last name) here in Southern California. He made whips and many other leather items.

I had caught a glimpse of a Turks Head knot on his side belt. I asked him about it and we talked for a short while and he invited me to his shop to learn more. I dropped by and visited him and he showed me a little more about whip making and such. He also showed me how to make my first Turks Head knot, which I still have on my key-chain. That was about 20 years ago. I believe he has since passed a few years ago from cancer.

I've since picked up an old copy of the Encyclopedia of Knots, which barely covers the Turkshead. I've made a few snake whips and riding crops and a few floggers for sale over the years. The riding crop was probably my most intricate as I had learned a little about using a computer to put design into the plaiting. My only problem was the riding crop was too thin to have the design come out clearly as the top of the letters hit the bottom of the letters. Would have worked out had it been a thicker core I was plaiting on.

I recently picked up the leather again, making a set of reins for a new relative that rides horses. I plaited with 8 strands of 1/8" kangaroo leather and then ended each side with a terminus knot. Folding each end over to add a clasp and then using an 8 bite Turks Head knot with another color interwoven. I'll have to have her send me some pictures, as I was finishing it up late on Christmas eve before I went for dinner.

Anyways, I started back into the knots and picked my book back up and started searching the internet and found IGKT, which I'm pretty certain Tim was a member. I also found information on books by Don Burrhus for the Turks Head. I'm trying to order a set, but have yet to get a reply to my email. I certainly hope their still available as it would be a HUGE loss if they're not.

I do believe that some things, such as knot tying is a lost art and needs to be taught and handed down before it's lost.