Author Topic: Help Please, "reach for the stars"  (Read 306 times)


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Help Please, "reach for the stars"
« on: January 04, 2019, 12:31:36 AM »
Hello world,
My name is Naomi, a few months I came across the "Reach for the Stars" rope mat in David Fukuhara's book, Fancy Knotting an Introduction.
 I really want to make this mat to give to my Sea Cadet Corp when I age out in June. Any help would be appreciated. The description in the book is as follows "This knot is a 11 bight by 14 bight mat designed and tied for the 20th Anniversary celebration of the formation of: "international Guild of Knot Tyres". It is mounted as a wallhanging and has been sent to the guild for permanent display."

Once again any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Help Please, "reach for the stars"
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 08:08:35 AM »
Sadly, I cannot find my copies of David's books.  But if your mat is rectangular as it sounds, then these links might help:
If it's round then pictures would help (although, maybe someone else here just remembers what David sent...)


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Re: Help Please, "reach for the stars"
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2019, 04:09:50 PM »
Welcome Naomi, click this link to Grid Maker, a browser based 'grid maker' and a wonderful gift to the knotting community, find the tutorial for mats and go to town.
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