Author Topic: Attch'd Pics not Enlarging ("download error")  (Read 1927 times)


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Attch'd Pics not Enlarging ("download error")
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:49:12 PM »
I just visited --long overdue-- the debut thread in
Practical Knots (should be "Knotting"!),
 [ ]
and was dismayed that images were readily visible
in thumbnail form in the posts but would not enlarge
ON PAGES 1..10;
images on pp. 11..13(last) DO enlarge.
 W W W E E E E L L L L L LLLLLLL, it's not so simply
put :: some DO, many doN'T, on pp. 10, 11, and
perhaps the earlier pages go like this.  But many
of the images --i.p., my own (and these are the
Good Ones  ;D  ) give only "download error".

This is the debut thread, but one that was hoped
to be maintained with occasional, continual reports
from The Wild with new images!  (I just got some,
yet to post.)  And of course the already-posted pics
to be there for reference.