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Re: Scouts
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Hi Brian,
There seems to be a lot of suggestions for alternative knots to your list, but those are the  Tenderfoot Knots.  We can all suggest knots we personally find more useful, but for the task at hand, stick with those.  You can always tell them that the world record for tieing them all is 8.1 seconds.  I'd probably leave the whipping for now though.

Do you know if you have any leaders able to help?  They might even have some young leaders who can assist.

My advice is to divide them into six groups, each group tieing a particular knot. Rotate the groups/knots being tied after five minutes.  You  need to keep things moving or boredom /mischief will set in.  Try to head off those who already know a particular knot by asking them to tie it with their eyes closed, then hands behind their backs.

I'll write more later, but must go now. Hopefully this will let you see the direction I find most successful.




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Re: Scouts
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In my experience your biggest problem will be boredom. I recommend that rather than teach knots in isolation try and devise some simple problem scenarios where knots will help provide a practical solution.....-Sweeney
The background stage(or story) standing on could be row boats,  boat dock, ranch, shipping yard, climbing wall, tree climb etc.
>>It would be nice if along with taking a lead with strength tests,
>>be also reference noted for having ready made age  group suggestions for 'scouts' or even reference to references??
Perhaps local fire/rescue/long shore man/fisherman etc. locally would step up if knew of project?
i always think best  lessons for boyz is showing POWER, control of power, how a man does what he does, and lines up to that target.
Make a point of rope as a workman's device; and with a workman's pride  wants to keep/not lose, even in pieces; it is his friend!
Must tie proper knots for situation, that can be untied.
i'd show dragging 400lb. log behind truck with running Bowline, then how much calmer becomeswith Half Hitch preceding, show similar to Timber/Killik, then show 5/1 fed over to lift same log  (so no one under load ) should have 2 or so be able to lift log
>>But then that is my background..
The step-by-step must do in order of lacing/knotting is probably man's first 'technology'
>>pre-dating commanding fire or wheel,
>>conceivably before concept of take this lever over pivot,make load side shorter to lift it
>>couldn't describe 'horsepower' until could lash to; nor any hammer without lashing etc.
Was a time in shipping etc. when this was kinda secret union of trusted (to do it right)workers, knowledge passed down type stuff;
A family brethren that would do it right, leave it right for next man later, not letting each other down.
>>like would see with mountain/rescue/electricians etc. disciplines.
offer to young reachers that these manly understandings of power and control of it are part of their rites of passage to our world, or really how we command the works!
There wasn't always krazy glue, wire ties, duct tape, screws or even nails as fastenings !
Kinda hard to compound leverage yourself into the future w/o being able to fasten a chain of tools together!
This is showy, series of steps, stretches the imagination to the point of calculating an inversion.
If anchor line low and just drape line over and have it hold pulley ; limb force potential=4xLoad (less frictions)
>>This innovation  only has 1 essential 'ground connection' for 2xLoad as potential
>>>>because system not compounded in series to another 'ground connection' ; pulley anchors to branch;
>>>>does not form another path to 'ground' doubling the pulleys doubled force to 4x in inner/outer cascade of nested 2:1 pulls.
i can't tell you how many times this has been passed around in tree circles!

Edit:posted this elsewhere long ago
Place here for these or next scouts to have all in 1 place!
Though i think there could be more info on some points;
i've always thought this would be a great scouting start to discussion of knots young or old.
It is of crackly old style, clean, black and white military background presentation;
seems to set the feel and stage for olde worlde tools, arts and practices of necessity;
that should lend well to scouting.

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