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15th International Knot Exhibition, Tokyo, November 1-6, 2018
« on: November 26, 2017, 01:48:47 AM »
The following information was sent to me via one of the organizers, who is inviting you to participate:

International Knot Exhibition was started by Korean Maedeup Association in 1984.
Since then, the exhibition had been taking place in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, with each country taking turns as a host.
14th International Knot Exhibition was held in Seoul Korea in 2015, participated by Korea, China, and Japan.
And now 15th will be hosted in Japan in 2018.
The hosting country will be responsible for the catalogs and any expenses for the exhibition.
General information about the artist and photos of their work must be submitted 6 months before the exhibition to make the catalog.
The artist has to pay his/her own travel expenses to participate in the exhibition.
The artist must come and set up his/her work in the showroom before the opening date.
The exhibition lasts for a week.

15th Exhibition will be participated by Korea, Japan, China, and France.

Exhibition Dates
Installation date :    Thursday, November 1, 2018 :  09:00 ? 22:00
Exhibition date :     Friday, November 2, 2018 ~ Tuesday, November 6, 2018 : 15:00
Deinstallation date : Tuesday, November 6, 2018 : 15:00 -

Kamakura Performing Arts Center (
6-1-2 Ofuna, Kamakura-shi, Kaganawa

It is about 45 minutes away by subway from Tokyo Station.   

We will be using three exhibition halls: Gallery 1, 2, and 3.
You can check the floormap through the link below.

Japan will take Gallery 1 and 2 and Korea and France will use Gallery 3

한국매듭공예연합회 연혁
1984년 1월 한국 매듭공예 연합회 창설
1984년 6월 제1회 동아삼국매듭전 (동덕미술관) 개최
1985년 10월 제2회 동아삼국매듭전 (대만 국립역사박물관)
1987년 6월 국제문화협회 국제매듭전 (서울 63빌딩)
1987년 9월 제3회 국제매듭문화전 (일본 동경 교통회관)
1988년 10월 제4회 88서울국제매듭전 (서울 롯데미술관)
1991년 2월 제5회 동아삼국매듭전(대만 국립역사박물관)
1994년 5월 제6회 국제매듭문화전(일본 경도 문화박물관)
1997년 9월 제7회 서울국제매듭전 (서울 일민문화관)
1998년 11월 한국 매듭공예 연합회 회원전 (서울 일민문화관)
1999년 9월 제8회 동아삼국매듭전 (대만 국립역사박물관)
2001년 7월 한국매듭공예연합회 회원전 (서울 일민문화관)
2002년 6월 제9회 국제매듭전 (일본 경도 문화박물관)
2002년 6월 월드컵기념 한국매듭공예연합회 회원전 (운현궁)
2004년 6월 제10회 국제매듭전 (서울 역사박물관)
2006년 6월 제11회 국제매듭전 (일본 경도 문화박물관)
2008년 8월 대한민국 광복60주년 기념전 한국매듭공예연합회?아시아민족조형학회
(경복궁 민속박물관)
2009년 6월 제12회 서울국제매듭전 (서울 역사박물관)
2012년 5월 제13회 국제매듭전 (일본 경도 문화박물관)
2014년 8월 한국매듭공예연합회 창설30주년 특별초대전
(필리핀 마닐라 한국 문화원)
2015년 11월 제14회 서울국제매듭전 (서울 인사동 아라아트센타)
1대 회장 故 김주현 매듭명장
2대 회장 조일순
3대 회장 심영미 (前)매듭기능전승자
4대 회장 황순자 매듭명인


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Re: 15th International Knot Exhibition, Tokyo, November 1-6, 2018
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 08:25:35 AM »
Here are my pictures from the 15th International Knot Exhibition that took place the first week of November.  It starts with an excess number of photos from my display case and ends with the display from the sole practical knotter there (plus a picture of some of the participants).  Please note that the uploading process (why???) scrambled the order of the photos so that detail photos and information cards are no longer matched by the sequence in which I took them.  If you have a particular question about who might have done what, send me a message and I'll do my best to suss it out since my download from the camera are in the right order and I should be able to match and find.

You'll notice Loren Damewood's work in my display case, as he was the only other IGKT member to contribute to this enterprise.  Our guest case, along with one from France, lived in the Korean exhibit gallery.  Japan, the host, filled 2 galleries.  Unfortunately, China and Taiwan did not participate due to (?) politics.

It was culture week in Kamakura the location (40 mins from downtown Tokyo by train) of the exhibit, and buses and buses of kids went through the museum along with interested members of the public.

I floated the idea of holding a future exhibition in North America (probably SF or Vancouver depending on timing) vaguely expecting a quick veto based on the idea that most of the participants are in Asia, but maybe not?  My point of contact was with the organizers of the Korean group and after the exhibit closed I met with the president of the Korean Macram? Association.  I had deliberately selected items for display made with unusual techniques or materials.  So, as I'd hoped, they found our work a breath of fresh air.  Also, they take their mission of preservation, education and proselytization very seriously and believe that a main tool of that is exhibitions.  The elders are cautiously interested and the younger members are keen to make the trip.  The Korean Association will formally propose the idea to the Japanese and Chinese groups during their post exhibit organizing of future exhibits.

What then, do we bring to the table? The displays I've seen at the PAB and South Ontario AGMs are not far off.  The guild could field a gallery of Turks Head type works alone if people could actually be convinced to participate.  Plus, as my pictures show, practical/educational displays are not out of place.  I'd love to reach out to some micro macrame, basketry, and mathematical sculptors as well.

Here are some posts from other participants:
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