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Re: a simple way to tie the Jug Sling
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Hi, Eric22! Your way will be the 11th or 12th method known for me. But the best way IMHO is Goldobin's one:
Hi All,  I hope some one can show me what is the " Goldobin's one "

Hi Dmitry! I really love this method - it's my new favorite way to tie a Jug Sling. Where did it come from? I can't find any other mention of Goldobin anywhere.

USSR patent SU-1751237. You can find images here (in Russian):
I don't thinks this is the "Goldobin's one" It seem not too easy to tie this way.

Hi All,
        I Just upload a video how to tie The Jug Sling Knot.
        Enjoy.   alanleeknots at youtube.  谢谢 alanlee.
      Make it less confused, i bring in my video  here, so far I haven't find any tying method easy than what I have here.
谢谢 alanlee.
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