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About 10 10 (Bowline day?)
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:57:18 AM »
Hi all,
if the 3 14 is the Pi day, is today 10 10 the Bowline day?  :) (the Bowline as you know is ABoK #1010)
(OT: both days are (Conway) Doomsday)
However, I'm thinking about auto reverse knots(/bends) and the Bowline is an auto reverse knot (I mean, you can obtain the same knot by starting from the tail and by transforming the knot without using the ends). Examples: stopper knots (Overhand, Fig.8, Fig.9 (and ABoK#523), Double Overhand...Ashley's Stopper (it is a compact reverse Bowline)), Bends (Reef, Thief...Carrick, Ashley's Bend, Axis (Miles A22, dressed as Ashley's Bend too)...Loops (Bowline, Honda (I should write something about the Honda, the multiple Honda and ABoK#523...), Myrtle and "wrong" Myrtle (same handness nipping loop)...).
Try reversing the Bowline!
(try reversing the Myrtle)
p.s. (OT (again!) 100 (= 10x10) years ago Thelonious Monk was born!)
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