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Single strand lanyard tutorial
« on: September 06, 2016, 07:19:26 PM »

single strand lanyard tutorial

1.  Tie overhand knot in cord where you want to position the loops.

2.  Bring cord ends through overhand knot to make loops of required size.

3.  With right hand end make loop in back.

4.With left hand cord make loop in front.

5.  Bring end A from step 4 behind over one and up through loop.

6.  Repeat in front with left hand cord.

7.  Bring end in upper right of previous step down to the right .and through loop on lower right (going over 1 strand).

8.  Bring end in upper left down over 1 strand and through loop.

The knot base in now complete.  Gradually remove slack so that the base is positioned atop and covering the overhand knot.

9.  Take either end and begin to double the lay of the knot.

10.  Do the same with the other end.

11.  When the last tuck is made the knot is complete.

Now work all the slack out of the knot.  Cut each end as close as possible to the completed knot.  Tak a blunt awl and bush the end back into the knot.  Adjust the adjoining strands to hide the ends.


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Re: Single strand lanyard tutorial
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single strand lanyard adjustable loops

If the single strand lanyard knot is tied without the overhand knot to lock it in place, the knot will slide on the cord to give adjustable size loops.  This works best in natural material such as this cotton sash cord.  Paracord and other synthetic material is too slippery for the knot to stay in place.  This shows what I think of when I have trouble falling asleep.

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Re: Single strand lanyard tutorial
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This is great!
The other day I was thinking on how to achieve this. Thank you for this tutorial. I'll try it this week for my dog whistle.