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Re: New compact bend - "Camera knot"
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I was on the camp side (and first aider) when in 1995 a scouting group tried to get into the Guinnes book of world records for a 650 person tug-of-war during a major national camp. The persons in charge took an used thick nylon rope from a military surplus store. The rope did burst and the ends scourged towards the children next to the middle. Two of them were battered to death, a few lost extremities and numerous get injured.
The persons in charge were found guilty of negligent homicide and bodily injury.
There was a similar incident in Pennsylvania in the 1970s.  A high school was attempting a Guinness record with 500 persons on each side.  At first I thought you were referring to the Pennsylvania incident.  Nobody was killed, but some persons lost fingers.  A fire department provided a 3/4 inch nylon rope, which would have a breaking strength of 20,000 pounds.  Just before the incident I had done some dynamometer tests (for cave rescue purposes) and found that a person can pull approximately his weight with a nearly static pull and good traction.  This meant a pull of over 50,000 pounds.  The outcome was instantly obvious to me.