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Bullseye strops
« on: July 29, 2016, 12:49:18 PM »
Hi all
I am a long term cruising sailor. Aluminium low friction rings are being used commonly as blocks on yachts now, as they are lightweight, strong, simple and relatively inexpensive. There is the dilemma of securing the ring so it doesn't come out with flogging and I have come up with a new design, with a lot of background input from members on Cruisers Forum.
I have called it the Bullseye weave and the strops it can be used on Bullseye strops. It is not much more than a 4 strand plait, but used in a way it has not previously.

This may prove to be very useful on yachts. I am testing one out now. It is simple and strong and removes the issue of extremely high loads forcing whipping apart at the throat if this is used.
Manufacturers may be interested and I don't want anyone trademarking the name. Nor do I want to do that myself, as I would just like this out there permanently for public use. Is there a way of registering the weave and name here that would stop any manufacturer from hogging it and just make  it a public thing instead?

This site wont allow me to download an image from my ipad and I have no means of posting it here.

Any info on whether or not this is actually new would also be appreciated. It is extremely simple, just used in a unique way.

Photo and durections on how it is created is here. See post #14 to to start with: