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Re: History of a Knot
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I agree that a name of a knot is useful when recording it (ie publishing it).

However, knots, both historically and practically, are a matter of oral tradition.  This applies to both their usage, and their names.  In fact different groups of knot users may refer to knots by different names based on such user attributes as; region, profession, application, and of course language.  As an example, I've heard of at least 4 different Spanish names for a Clove Hitch, and I suspect there are more.

Users of this forum, and guild members in general are something of an exception to this knots by oral tradition.  Most knot users aren't knot scholars.  And even knotting authorities are liable to get the details of knot naming and history wrong.  An excellent book of arborist knots erroneously cites Jason Blake and the inventor of "Blake's Hitch". (I think it likely that Blake independently discovered this knot, just not first)

Even when published, the names of knots evolve or change.  I don't see that a name of a knot is in any way a defining feature of the knot, and a name is not required for "relating" or "duplicating" a knot.  If fact this transitory and elusive nature of knot names is on of the things about knots that fascinate me.

I was trying to praise Treecowboy for his discovery, even if other users may not call the knot by the name he does.