Author Topic: Solomon Bar Cross (key fob/zipper pull) Tutorial  (Read 3441 times)


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Solomon Bar Cross (key fob/zipper pull) Tutorial
« on: October 09, 2015, 03:57:40 PM »

For this tutorial I used 2 -  4" lengths of paracord.  The cords shoud be  folded so that the outer lengths are 1/2 the length if the inner. 

One at a time take each outer end out of the loop it is going through,  thread it through the split ring and back through the loop. 

Tie four more knots. 

Reverse the whole shebang and 2" from the last knot begin knotting in the opposite direction.

Tie total of eight knots in this direction. 

Turn the cross and 3/4" from the body begin left side of cross.  Tie three knots.

To tighten this side bar pull out the center 2 strands from the body and one at a time tighten the side knots.


Repeat on other side.

The knot is complete. Trim and sear the ends
An aleternate start is to make a loop and tie a knot around it with a separate cord.  A1 - short end,  B - long end.
Once again you will be knotting with the shorter cords. A1 and A2.  Cord B in photo naturally positions itself to the right  beside the other long cord.  Tie four more knots.

Then proceed as explained above.
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