Author Topic: An adjustable loop : the tarpist knot  (Read 7972 times)


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Re: An adjustable loop : the tarpist knot
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  I don't know which way is the weaker ...

  You should - there is a BIG difference between them !  :)
  In general, to be able to see which adjustable loop is stronger and which is weaker, try this : Wrap the eye of the loop around a cylindrical object which can rotate around its axis - a pulley, for example. In this case there is no "capstan effect" present, and the sum of the tensile forces, running "downwards", through the eye of the Standing Part, will be able to "return", running "upwards", through the returning eye leg. It is not the most unfavourable case ( as when only the returning eye leg is loaded, a case not so rare when there are many mooring bowlines tied the one over/under/within the other around the same bollard...), but it is more telling than the "common" case. 
This is not a knot.