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Crossed and Re-tucked tails
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  To secure the Tail Ends even further, we can first cross them, and then re-tuck them through the crossing knots, under the first curves of the Standing Parts. As it should have been expected, the re-tucked versions are much more tight than their parents - and it seems to me that, when tied on non-very-slippery materials, they might even be too tight ! A too-tight nub does not allow us to re-adjust the length of the binder, or use it as an adjustable tensioner : too much friction may prevent the slippage of the tails either way.
  The advantage of the not-side-symmetric binders, even of those with crossed and re-tucked tails, is that they can be inspected more easily than the more symmetric binder shown in Reply#1 ( which is my favourite, to this moment ). That may be a bonus to the inexperienced knot tyers, or during the first times one ties those knots. Also, the binder shown in this post is very secure, and it will forgive a somewhat careless dressing.
   With the present pace with which those binders are examined by the knot-tying community, I reckon that we will need 70 more years to test them, and learn which one is preferable - and I hope I will never hope I will live till then !  :) 
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