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Carrick/Polyhedron Knots are here illustrated
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:35:02 AM »
Carrick/Polyhedron Knots are here illustrated.  These figures represent the primary four single-line geometric knots.  Geometric knots made with more than one line and geometric knots made with as much as twice the complexity increase these possibilities into the hundreds of thousands.  But for all their numeracy and complexity, the range of Polyhedron Knots is nearly surveyable at a glance.
The Polyhedron Knot Geometries begin in simplicity as antiprisms and truncated prisms.  They continue in complexity mostly, but not exclusively, through variations and extensions upon these foundations of antiprisms and truncated prisms.  Many of these extensions are well understood in Turks-head expansions.  While the development of variations across the top and bottom of Turks-head antiprisms goes unexplored, it is this aspect that provides the bulk of mathematical numeracy through the foreseeable millions.
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