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Useful PET TIB knots
« on: December 18, 2016, 08:54:08 AM »
Hi All,
        These four loops below are useful versatile PET TIB knots, very well secure, can hander heavy load, quiet easy to tie and easy to
         untie after heavy load also quiet easy to inspect.    ( Of cause no knots can compare to the simplest normal bowline )

        For PET tie method, the first three loops, just tie a bowline and then tuck the rest of the tail in, is easy to do.
        The fourth loop may need little more work to do, I think for average knot tyers  shouldn't have any problem at all.

        For TIB tie method, all four knots here can be tie in one continuous motion, If you tie it this way, just like when you first learn
        how to ride a bicycle, after a couple week learning and when everything under controls, you are good at it, The muscle memory
        already kick in, is all good for the rest of you life, In the future, one a while just practice little more, you will never forget how
        to tie these knots.
        I am no here to persuade you to use these knots, just here to share my experience and though, may be what ever I wrote
        here make no sense to you.  but I can tell you, all my one handed knots and one continuous motion knots,
        when ever I want to tie it, I don't have to think how to tie it,  my hand will do it for me.

        If any one know or have this kind of PET TIB knot, please bring it here, I want to learn more.
        Sorry for my broken English.   谢谢 alanlee