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Directional Figure Eight
« on: June 29, 2013, 05:57:13 PM »
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Re: Directional Figure Eight
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Hi 75RR,

You may have noticed that # 1057 and # 1058 are topologically the same knot.
The Directional Fig. 8 can have different settings, however for it refers to # 1058:



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Re: Directional Figure Eight
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I can not really tell you which is the best dressing and setting for #1058(here somewhere is at least one discussion regarding this, but I can not find it), but,to be honest,personally #1057  gives me greater expectations in that, when pulled using the tail instead of the standing part, is distorted, but at least not immediately degenerates into a sliding loop as #1058( # 1043, a close relative, should be even more reliable and stable), although, when used as midline loops, both do not seem to distort,when both the standing parts are pulled (but it is say around that, at least # 1058, jams).

EDIT: I had not noticed your last post, you already said it yourself a lot of what I write here!
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Re: Directional Figure Eight
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Is the Directional Figure Eight Loop the Primary/Established name for both of Ashley's Single Bowlines on the bight, # 1057 and #1058?

I find most representations on the web of the Directional Figure Eight Loop feature # 1057 but do not mention number.

Added image for those without ABoK at hand.

Thanks for the Ashley images --a help even to those
with the book, saving fetching ... !   :)

No, most --and should be ALL-- presentations of the
directional fig.8 eyeknot show a knot with each end
running through a loop --not exiting from the middle
of the knot as does #1057--: this is key!

And if anything is to be the SPart, it is that end
that opposes the eye and so passes through the
double collar, thus not a player in "Which ...?"
--which would be the tail, in eyeknot loading.
With that tail leading to an *interior* collar,
one has a sort of "squaREef" knot structure
with one side having an (eye) bight vs. single
strand of the familiar end-2-end/binding knot.
I think that this will prove best.