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Turkish head Knots numbering proposal
« on: April 07, 2013, 06:43:48 PM »
I suggest the introduction of a clear Turkish head knots numbering system.
Every integer is assigned to only one knot.
Every knot has only one integer assigned.

It's only about the knots which can be done with a single thread.
As it's well known, Leads and Bights are relatively prime in them.
When Bights> Leads the number will be positive,
When Bights <Leads the number will be negative.

To the knot B36 L23 we give the number 167.
To the knot B23 L36 we give the number -167.

To assign to any integer a Turkish knot you can use my modified program:
(April 08,2013, 11:00 PM - last correction)
It works on the principle of reverse Euclidean algorithm.

In the opposite direction, to assign to a known knot an integer, you can use Euclidean algorithm with subtraction.

More information:

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