Author Topic: An "Eskimo" "bowline" as a locked noose-hitch.  (Read 3453 times)


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An "Eskimo" "bowline" as a locked noose-hitch.
« on: December 15, 2012, 12:59:20 AM »
   There are two variations of the standard bowline, the left- and the right-handed one, but four variations of the so-called "Eskimo" "bowline" - because the last part of the tail can passes "over" or "under" the direct continuation of the eye-leg-of-the-bight. At ABoK#1987 Ashley shows the quick tying method of one of the two "weaker"  variations - weaker in the sense that the tail passes "over", and it is not in direct contact with the first curve of the standing part ( the segment of the nipping loop that which provides the stronger nip) .
   See the attached picture for a similar method by which we can tie one of the two "stronger" variations. It is a loop knot that can withstand ring loading, so it can serve as a binder, in the form of a lockable noose-hitch. After the knot is pushed towards the surface of the pole, it can be locked there by pulling the curvilinear segment , which, in its turn, will entangle and lace within it the straightened segment.
   I have not tied it with the slippery material used by arthroscopic surgeons - and I have no intention to do it... :) With slippery ropes, this noose-hitch knot can be transformed into the "Eskimo" loop knot rather easily, -but not so easily as some other similar nooses-hitches reported earlier in previous threads. At the last stage of the transformation, we should pull both ends, the one after the other, one or two times, in order to achieve the most compact, tight form.