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mifor's tutorial pan chang/mystic reference collection
« on: August 13, 2012, 04:13:16 AM »
mifor's tutorial reference collection by other people

盘长类: pan chang/mystic knot variants

嘟嘟鱼(惦念)   broken link      searching for the above fish (du-du) you find a fairly lame looking square fish
双磬结挂饰(手工)   broken link      something about stone chime.  Nothing particularly unique turns up when you search
卐字结盘长(紫色柠檬)   well, it's an interesting exercise in shape, but it's a pan chang/mystic sauvastika. 
   Do you need one?  Will you be misunderstood if you have one?  8)

宫灯(紫色柠檬)   rectangular frame and hexagonal frames of various sizes, assembled into an elaborate lantern/sculpture
万花筒(苦涩)   hollow 6 pointed star schematic
盘长三回菱(苦涩)   3 linked hollow squares schematic
八吉(北国)   a chain of eight 2x2 pan chang/mystic knots joined at the corners into a circle with a variety of centre details including an 8 point stellar knot or another pan chang.  Just keep scrolling down for more fun.
小挂饰(手工)   broken link      since the anchor text translates as small hanging thing, I'm thinking cell phone charm.
6*3磬结(如梦)   6x3 stone chime knot.     6x3 is bigger than the standard size of stone chime (think thick inverted 'v' shape)
回菱(图文)   instructions scanned from a book for a hollow square
三回复翼盘长(如梦)   3x3 pan chang/mystic with variant ears
牛字盘长(小弦弦)   character for the zodiac sign, ox/cow/bull
多边盘长(苦涩)      octagonal frame done in 3 colours, schematic
4*2磬结(如梦)      4x2 stone chime
变体盘长(苦涩)   helpfully the anchor text translates as pan chang variant. 
   I'm going with peaked arch or maybe bat.  Schematic.  Go to second and third page of comments for photos of the completed knot

水滴回菱(杨朝宗)   hollow teardrop.     References the blog of a Taiwan knot blogger as the source.
盘长鱼(小弦弦)   simple fish
二回复翼盘长(苦涩)   2x2 pan chang/mystic with concentric variant ears
盘长团锦蝶(手工)   cloverleaf/flower winged butterfly
结结高(手工贴)   broken link      The anchor text translates as "knot knot high", searching with those terms brings a cell phone dangle with a simple pan chang/mystic knot and some button knot "beads" attached be sold from many places.  Seems unlikely that this is, y'know, the interesting thing mifor was trying to link.
双心藻井(心海无痕)   double plafond knot.  Miscategorized?
手机链(叶子)   process photos for a simple cell phone charm design involving 2x2 pan chang/mystic knot, cloverleaf/square flower knot, button knot and leaf knots.  Some of the photos are just black.  what's up with that?
二回盘长(如梦)   basic 2x2 pan chang/mystic knot
三回菱(苦涩)   schematic for 3 linked hollow square pan chang/mystic knots (same as the 6th link above?)
三角空心盘长(手工)   broken link      using the anchor text for search turned up a hollow pan chang/mystic triangle
五福祥云(苦涩)   schematic of a hollow pentagonal pan chang/mystic knot with fancy corners
猫眼盘长(苦涩)   schematic of a hollow cat's eye pan chang/mystic with some ear variations
八角盘长(苦涩)   schematic of a double 8 pointed hollow star
五角星盘长(苦涩)   broken link      no pictures, no instructions or links to such.  Whazzup?  That bunch of text in a white box below, though is an "other links that might be related to the topic here" and there you can find a link to a schematic for a hollow 5 pointed pan chang/mystic star

团圆盘长(苦涩)   triaxial weave honeycomb hexagon
盘长五回菱(苦涩)   schematic for a hollow square pan chang/mystic with smaller hollow squares around each corner
盘长包饰(苦涩)   3x3 pan chang/mystic with ears fancified with cloverleaf knots
四回复翼盘长(小弦弦)   4x4 pan chang/mystic with concentric ear variation
门字盘长(手工)   broken link      the anchor text says door pan chang/mystic, but searching on those terms turn up nothing
海宝(王素民)   I don't know if this is somebody's mascot or what, but they've made a sizeable stuffie out of a single pan chang/mystic knot.  Page through the comments for a loose photo of the knot to serve as a schematic if you actually want to tie this
吉祥锁结(苦涩)   octagonal good luck knot, regular and inset ear versions, Misfiled under the pan chang section?
空心磬结回菱(手工)   broken link      using the anchor text to search, though brings us a page full of videos for making a hollow stone chime and a hollow square pan chang/mystic knots.    It's two and a half hours of video for these two knots.  8)
简单宫灯(小弦弦)   three cloverleaf based decorative lanterns
一回磬结挂饰(手工)   broken link      something to do with stone chimes (maybe), searching with the anchor text brings nothing obvious to the fore
骏马(叶子)   broken link      something about horses.  nothing obvious found by search
舞蝶(燕盈)   broken link      individually translated the words are "dance butterfly" but together it translates as double ten day which relates to the collapse of the dynasties and rise of modern Chinese governments.  But fortunately, searching brings us this picture, no instructions or schematic, which is definitely more of the dancing butterfly variety.
盘长变化(镜子)   broken link      the anchor text translates as pan chang/mystic variants, which is kind of non-specific.  Here's a link to a page of pan chang variants from
豪香春杰手机链(流星)   a cell phone dangle with 2x2 mystic "embroidered" with a flower and some extra cloverleaf/double connection details.
小挂饰(手工)   broken link      anchor text translates as small hanging ornaments, so again, not much to search with   
富贵花开挂饰(云开雾散)   ok, how to describe this?  It is a 4x4 pan chang/mystic knot "embroidered" with loops with 2x2 mystic with inset colours
聚福纳财(两只蝴蝶)   two 2x8 pan chang/mystic knots joined together into a flat lantern-ish arrangement
盘长变化(紫色柠檬)   a pan chang/mystic yen ('¥') symbol, look into the comments for a much better photo of the finished product
春暖花开(宇轩设计,苦涩画图)   broken link   
   searching with the poetical "blossoming spring" search term brings us this lovely 4x4 pan chang/mystic knot with an inset 8 petal cloverleaf/octagonal flower knot schematic.   
紫气东来(yoyo_J)   I'm thinking that "purple gas coming from the east" is a translation that has lost something in the conversion.  8) 
   It is a series of pan chang/mystic knots with much ear fancification.

情侣符号♂♀手机链(小弦弦)   the male/female, Mars/Venus symbols in pan chang/mystic knots with the help of some alternate hitched rings
盘长挂饰(镜子)   a double wide pan chang/mystic hollow square with an inset 8 petal cloverleaf/octagonal flower knot based butterfly.
盘长小挂饰(潴臭臭)   broken link      the anchor text translates as "pan chang small hanging ornament" which, as expected, is too generic to find the intended information
双回菱(苦涩)   paired hollow pan chang/mystic knots with 2x2 corners schematic. 
   See the comments for the photos of knots that the readers have tied.

冠(伊凡)   "crown" is a 4x4 pan chang/mystic knot with cloverleaf-y ears
盘长酢浆草组合(谭亦函)   a 2x2 pan chang/mystic knot with cloverleaf butterfly ears. 
   Better instructions for same?

四回复翼盘长结(夏日漫步)   schematic and line drawing step by step for the 4x4 pan chang/mystic with concentric ears