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New loop knots 2012
« on: January 03, 2012, 02:42:01 PM »
Hi All, today just to review all the loops that i had make, kind of coufused myself, most of them are kind of dargon look they all look alike, and i found another one from the "8" shaped nipping structure and she is so good looking, may be good for nothing, anyway just like to share with other. i make two more loops base by over hand knot combine with clove hitch, it look so simple and it seem like it will work and i like it, i assume such a simple loop must had been out there long time ago. The Beauty loop(DSCF-B) with photo show the sequenced may be not that hard to tie this beautiyful functional loop.   Thanks.


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Re: New loop knots 2012
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2012, 06:23:12 AM »
Hello all - new to this site.  I'm a little surprised no one has commented.  Or have the comments been hidden or deleted?  I really like the first knot - DSCF-CC.  I see the similarity to a dbl dragon in that you can pull it tight with a bight that comes directly from the standing end.  As a side note, I like the way you colored the cord to make the photo easier to see.



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Re: New loop knots 2012
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2012, 01:14:02 PM »
   1st - 4th pictures/loops : The yellow line s path ( the collar s structure ) is too simple, and the white line s path ( the nipping loop s structure ) is too complex ! I believe that one should try to achieve some balance, regarding how much convoluted, and how much rope -consuming those two parts would be. The 1st knot s white line is simpler than the ( too-much-convoluted / twisted ) white line of the 4th knot, yet one suspects that its path could have been even shorter, without any sacrifice of its nipping action on the ( poor, coil-like ) collar.
  2nd - 3rd pictures/loops : Here we have the opposite situation... and this double coil-like collar loop is not even a bowline-like loop :  it is based upon an overhand knot, tied on the standing part. There is no reason whatsoever for loops that need to be tied and untied in two steps - because we already have SO MANY excellent bowline-like loops.
  I take the liberty to re-post here three of your loops that, to my view, are far more interesting than those presented in this thread. They are simple, clever, compact - I do not see any way they can be simplified any more. In short, they are neat, easy to tie and untie loops, that deserve to be explored further. Together with the two variations of the Lee Zep bowline ( the B and C )(1), and the the three variations based upon the Pretzel nipping structure (2), and  they are among the best end-of-line loops I have tied.