Author Topic: Any comments on the Spanish edition of the ABOK?  (Read 739 times)


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Any comments on the Spanish edition of the ABOK?
« on: July 02, 2012, 11:47:19 AM »

Hello there,
I have thought about buying the Spanish edition of the Ashley Book of Knots, but am not sure yet.
For starters, It is at least two times as expensive as the original, wich I own already, and I have not been able to have a look at it yet anywhere to see how good it is, nor have been able to read any review of it.
Besides a little more easiness of understanding of the text itself (I hope, so far the English knot books translated into Spanish I have read use to lack something in the translation), I really would like to know the actual names used in Spanish for the many knots described, when available, and not just a mechanical translation of the English names.
If the translators were  people on the know of the craft, could be worth the expense, but if it is only a so-so work, maybe it?s better to just stay with my English volume.