Author Topic: A round turn + U turn jam resistant TIB bowline(not double)  (Read 71 times)


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Combine a round turn (two turns) and a U turn component, which is formed either from the SPart, or the on-going eye leg, in a nipping structure,(that's the tricky part), and you may end up with a decent bowline.

Consider the first photo, which illustrates such a nipping structure,with just one pass of the Working end.You only have to capture the SE to construct the bight component of the bowline, following then the same path of the returning eye leg and completing the knot.I illustrate the loose knot like this for a clear visual of the nipping structure,which, sometimes, is created by diving with the WE through the right holes/loops.

The second and third photo,show the knot tight in its conventional and detail view accordingly, with the tag end inside the eye of the bowline(it could also be outside).Others might describe such a nipping structure as a crossing knot + nipping turn, unlike the description given earlier.However, the key component here, is the 180 degrees U turn of the on going eye leg (black arrow second picture), which functions as a jam blocker, preventing the collar (near the eye) from blocking. The bight component stabilizes the whole nipping structure in a neat way, creating a stable, jam resistant, TIB knot(if the tag end is tucked back through the collar).

If i was to pinpoint some disadvantages of this knot, i would refer to the bulky form of the TIB version, just for the aesthetics,the non-direct first line of defence,which by the way holds and tightens  very well under load, and the more complex nipping structure.

The ring loading profile is fine for me, but there is always the anti-bowline option, shown in fourth picture(loose), for the rigorous knotting minds.

I think this knot might be a good option for an application where heavy load is expected, being less prone to jamming than a round turn (double) bowline.

Considering the acceptable limit of the two turns around the bight component of a bowline,there are quite a lot (TIB) nipping structures (a bit more complex), that could be stabilized and produce stable,secure,jam resistant bowlines, if anyone feels like investigating in this field.One of the simplest instances of this category of knots is the one presented in this thread,unless someone finds a simpler one and proves me wrong. :)


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Re: A round turn + U turn jam resistant TIB bowline(not double)
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1) It's NoTIB!  (Do you know what "TIB" means?)
(TIe the ends of a slack line to respective anchors,
then try to tie this knot (or, already tied, to UNtie it).)

2) Your touting it as " less prone to jamming " begs some
evidence that the numerous known bowlines are otherwise!?
In many cases, bowlines can be untied after being loaded
to near rupture forces.  The water (clove h.) bowline and its
similarly built mirrored bowline are *bowlines* that
should be robustly resistant to jamming,
where that possibly is a concern.