Author Topic: A round turn + U turn jam resistant TIB bowline(not double)  (Read 1193 times)


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Re: A round turn + U turn jam resistant TIB bowline(not double)
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I consider this comment unrelated to knotting!Since when does a query about a test procedure, which i totally ignore, conceal underlying motivation? If you don't approve the word 'ambiguous' replace it with the word 'unknown'. What is obvious to you, may not be for some others!Seek somewhere else for underlying motives, not in my replies, if you feel like doing so.
And how is this comment related to knotting science?
You are extrapolating a meaning which is completely far removed from my curiosity.
If you don't approve of the phrase underlying motive , you may replace it with "thought process".

Yes!I think we have finally got this after three iterations of this statement (or similar) needed in all of your very last three replies!You made your point crystal clear from the very beginning
I'm pleased that you can see my viewpoint - however, is it necessary to overtly re-emphasize it?
Your line of questioning is  probing from several different angles about the security of the Ampersand Bowline - and each time you do this, I simply reply in kind with my viewpoint.

It depends on the nature of your comments!
With that remark, I will assume that the nature of your comments are made in good faith.
I wish you all the best in your examination of the Ampersand Bowline and other explorations.