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Corset Tying
« on: October 14, 2010, 06:41:58 PM »
I'm hoping for a knot system that would effectively break a single rope into three separate sections, individually tensioned, without actually being three separate pieces.

My roommate tends to wear corsets frequently for local events and I'm her cincher. Right now she has a single cord that goes the length of her corset. I've several examples where corsets have been laced with three cords, one for the upper chest, one for the middle/waist area, and one for the lower/hips area. Three laces allow for each section to be differently tensioned so that the mid-torso/waist area has the tightest compression, the hips area has the lightest tension, and the upper chest is somewhere in-between.

One thought I had was lacing the first section, then tying a double slip knot, with stopper knots on the front and back of the lower half of the slip knot. I figured this would allow me to lengthen the loop by cinching the top portion of the corset as tight as needed, without pulling on the lacing from the next section. The loops could then be tied off without loosing any of the tension.

Anyone have any better ideas?


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Re: Corset Tying
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(I am trying to be funny of course)


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Re: Corset Tying
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Yeah, that would take care of her chest/upper section.... need something a little less industrial for the waist and hips though ;D