Author Topic: searching for an old 'skit' possibly called 'the captain and the cub'  (Read 948 times)


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Found in the 1931 edition of the Sparkler magazine (or so I am told), it is a skit where a lad seeks to get on with a ship. The Captain asks if he can tie a knot, he replies that he can and ties the knot. The Captain then asks for another knot, the cub replies that he can and that he 'ties it the same way'...

This process continues through a list of knots and serves to show many knots that can be tied from a basic form.

I know of one old Scouter who knows this skit and was known for performing it....however he won't teach anyone. Unfortunately I fear he will take it  with him. I have some helpers working on him and a few more looking for a home movie that might show it.

I don't want this to be lost as I understand it is quite a show, can anyone out there help with finding, reviving and keeping this alive?