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Asher bottle sling?
« on: July 24, 2010, 02:58:45 PM »
Well, Budworth documents the Asher bottle sling as a two-turn Prusik with a twisted cow hitch. (The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots,, pp.124-125.) For some reason I thought an Asher bottle sling was a two-turn Prusik with a bull hitch.    That's the way I've been tying it for two years, and it's been very satisfactory.  But the Asher bottle sling is faster and easier to tie and untie. Is there any reason to prefer the bull-hitch version?  The tests I did today say no.

I tied both versions on a 28 mm diameter smooth hardware dowel 320 mm long. (See attached photos.)

I subjected each version to a hanging jerk test, about three jerks per second for 5 minutes. (That seemed like forever.) They both spread out slightly along the dowel, but the bottom turn did not budge, and both remained firm and tight.

Advantage: Asher bottle sling.

The bull hitch seems to grip the standing parts more securely than the twisted cow hitch, but the twisted cow hitch seems to allow the riding turn to nip the inner turn more effectively against the dowel, with the result being a wash.

I tried  combining the advantages of both by first tying the Asher as a twisted cow hitch, then adding another twist and a bull hitch, but that seems excessive, and is definitely harder both to tie and to untie.
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