Author Topic: How to Make a Royal Crown Sinnet + DecorativeTurtle Knot Preview (Video Instruct  (Read 14480 times)


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A Royal Crown Sinnet is the product of alternating Crown
Knots and Wall Knots, stacked on top of one another.

One word of caution: When tying your Crown Knots be sure
each is done so perpendicularly or in a square formation.  

             [Crown Knot tied perpendicularly]

If you angle the cords (or tie a "rounded" Crown Knot), the
Royal Crown Sinnet will start to twist, creating a skewed look.

Video Link:

Hope you enjoy,


p.s. I created a "true" knot version of the decorative turtle

Unlike the arts and crafts version of this piece, my tie is
completed with one strand of rope or cord, and does not
require glue or stitching to hold it together.

Stay tuned for an instructional video!  :)
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Thanks JD for another inspiring video!

I can't wait to give it a go!

Glad to see that the book is coming along well!!

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