Author Topic: Slipped Constrictor in under Three Seconds!  (Read 12966 times)


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Re: Slipped Constrictor in under Three Seconds!
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2009, 09:32:25 PM »
With a little practice you get to making the first loop and folding the slipped loop at the same time, let go, 'pick up' and fold.

Derek, Yes, I'm finding that if I pick up a longer length of rope with the right hand, it naturally takes the form of a bight as I bring the hand around for the drop.
Very nice method!!!
I think I'll stick with the "Sofia" for the slipped constrictor and adopt the "Derek" for the regular constrictor. It's nice to know different "dances".

To close the "constrictor in the hand" topic for myself (at least for now), I made a page with all three methods I am now aware of for making a constrictor in the hand (and in the bight).
...until someone else butts in.

Thrilled to have learned so much from starting this one thread, I really had not imagined that so much would come up. Grateful to all who contributed.

Already thinking of the next question to ask...  :)

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday,

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