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Re: NOOB - I invented... now what?
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I only came across this the other day and already I'm using it in many varied applications. I think it's remarkable to devise such an innovative application. One of the reasons I first started searching for knotting instructions online was to find those that would work well with the large supply of scrap wire lengths our department generates. Aside from various communications cabling, any number of computer wires from mice, old USB cables, flat phone cord, etc are avialable to play with. I usually start by doubling it into a loop with a figure 8 knot and adding the extra turn (surgeon's knot?) when applicable. I started making these of lengths short and long to simplify tying down loads of expensive PC equipment on hand trucks with only a few bungee cords and/or carabiner clips, and when you have adequate slack, a simple half hitch ties it off. The short loops make hooking the axle or side rails with the bungee or clips so much easier. I made a pretty crude truck cargo netting out of line cable and hope to do even better on the next one (with a border made with thcker marterial).

I'll post my questions elsewhere in the appropriate topic, but I'm looking for ways to recycle a lot of other thicknesses of scrap wire. Most of my approaches are hybrids utilizing several types of hardware. I wanted to bind thicker and shorter round three-pronged power cables to make three foot segments that could work as a barrier rope connecting posts on a path. I thought maybe I could weave the strands like a bridge cable but think that is probably impracticle for its length and diameter. I still want to use several for a thicker grip (like a velvet rope) and figure termination could be into the end of a conduit coupler of the type that has the screw and plate to reduce the interior diameter and grip the material. I could also bind the length with much thinner wire for looks and support but would be making it up as I go along and would also be lost as to how to terminate the ends. I was never a Boy Scout and have no familiarity with most knots but I'm picking up the easy and useful ones (which is why I'm so impressed with the Gleipnir). It was mentioned the amount of material used but I can see a number of ways around that (I'll use it often for tree trimmings). I could use rope or wire to constrict the bundle, tie it off with cheap twine and a regular old knot (I found twine usually broke when trying to tighten it but worked great once the added tension was relaxed).

Hope to learn a lot here and welcome any suggestions or critiques. Will look for the right thread to expand further (Misc.?)