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Knotting Matters 101
« on: October 22, 2008, 03:06:01 AM »
Hello all IGKT members and associated Branches,   ;D

I have now taken on the some-would-say onerous task of editing the quarterly magazine Knotting Matters.  Colin has done a superb job of editing, just like his predecessors, so I would like to follow suit.  Thank you Colin!  In order to edit, it is necessary to have some material.  Said material may be in the form of funny bits (humour for the Brits) Branch bits, lessons learned by making mistakes, lessons given by making or not making mistakes, techniques for assembling your latest project involving knotting (it may even be a teach-in) challenges to our very clever readers, maybe you feel like putting together a knotty crossword, knotty limerick, knotty painting or some knotty photographs?  If you do, dear readers, remember that many of our far-flung cousins would like to get their names in print also - so, if you have sent in a photograph or depiction of someone, whether it is a photo of you or someone else (or lots of someones) then give us a hand by putting a key with their names on it.  Of course, if you prefer to remain a-nonny-mouse, that's OK for the magazine and you should advise me of that fact, but I will not publish anything that does not have your name with it (just so I know where it came from).  No name, no publish - simple as that.   :-X

So, what do ye say?  Can you send me an article, a poem, a letter to the editor or perhaps a cartoon or explanation of some knot you finally understood and that you (or someone to whom credit should be given) drew?  I would dearly like to put your name in print, if only so that you can then say that you have been published in an international magazine.   :D

With that in mind, I would also like to see some articles that may challenge the mind a little bit (or a lot, if you like).  How to tie a Turk's Head behind your back, what the real root of the number -1 is and whether or not there really IS a life outside of knotting.  Seriously, some serious articles meant to provide some erudition (instruction or learning) to slobs like me would be wonderful.  Will ye give it a try?   :'(

Bring me your tried and four, muddled verses, learning to be three; The ruddled refuse of your twining drawers; Send these, the hopeless, tongue-led messes, to me;  :P I lift my blue pencil beside the nodding mata-dor.  :-*

I await breathlessly...... 8)

Editor, Knotting Matters
PS  A small prize may be in order for any improvement on my poor, quick, verse from a more famous writer - any takers?