Author Topic: What's the best glue for nylon?  (Read 30547 times)


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Re: What's the best glue for nylon?
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Thanks Kenny.
I'm hoping it won't be a loss as I have plans to try staining the rest of it to match my "uh ooo" and then varnish it. The handle I can reuse irregardless as it's overhand grafting (also my first attempt) on the cheapest paint roller handle I could find and can be separated from the star knot. It's hard to see in the pics but the handle has a molded shape I found appealing for this application. It's also hollow so I was able to feed some of the strands from the double star knot thru and tie off tight at the bottom of the handle. I know the ole' timers will probably get a snicker out of doing it this way, but at the time I had no idea about this forum or others on the net that show a "traditional" way and was just "winging" it, trying stuff I thought would look good. So your "ataboy" really makes me feel good. Thanks again.