Author Topic: Guild Representation on West Coast of USA  (Read 1654 times)


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Guild Representation on West Coast of USA
« on: July 24, 2008, 02:18:18 AM »
Hi All,

This is an open invitation to all who will be in the vicinity of the American Sail Training Association (ASTA) Tallships (R) Sail event 2008  ;D from San Francisco down to San Diego, California, including the following ports:

San Francisco
Ventura/Channel Islands
Los Angeles
San Diego
Dana Point

Come look for the IGKTPAB banner under the ASTA Tallships Education tent.  I will be at every one of the events, starting with this coming weekend (July 26/27) in SFO, then August 9/10 in Ventura, August 15/16/17 in LA, August 21/22/23/24 in SD and then September 5/6/7 in DP.

Make plans to make tracks for a superb event at each or all of those ports and look for us - come say hello when you are in the area!  We will have the entire IGKTPAB collection there, including your pieces if you have donated any, and we will happily show them off to allcomers and spread the word about the skills you demonstrate by having your piece in our collection.   :D

It is possibly one of the most far-reaching knotting events (over 600 miles by road) ever made in that period by any other group in the world of knotting - any takers for a more far-reaching single connected series?   8)

Look out for our efforts in Los Angeles - we are hoping to make the largest ever Monkey's Fist using 2-inch diameter line.  We'll be looking for you and we will have lots of photographs to share of the entire trip come September.  Join in the fun before it's too late!


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