Author Topic: 3 STRAND EYE SPLICING  (Read 4027 times)


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« on: January 27, 2008, 11:58:49 PM »
I know of four methods of starting a 3 strand eye splice:

1)  The old faithful - bend eye to the right - centre forward, left half, right back tucked in that order
2)  Bend rope to the left then tuck right, centre then left in that order against the lay
3)  Brion Toss's Pro Splice - bend rope to the right - left strand under over under, centre strand under the over strand of the first tuck, then turn over and tuck the last strand as for 1).
4)  German Eye Splice - bend eye to the right - right strand under one against the lay, centre strand under same standing strand with the lay (forming a lock tuck) remaining strand under next left strand - bring the three strands up level then tuck as for a normal splice.

The question is...does anyone know of any other methods?  Straight splices, no decorative ones please - that is another subject.



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« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2008, 03:49:09 AM »
Hello Gordon,

Your instructions are interestingly worded - could you clarify what you mean by what you have written for the benefit of the non-familiar users?  Perhaps a photograph or two?  Not sure where a strand is being referred to, where the SPart is, and where half refers to a half tuck or half turn or something else.  Also bending the eye to the right or left - how does that work exactly?  Splicing towards oneself or away from oneself?  Photographs - that would be the answer!  Thanks, in anticipation,



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« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2008, 11:00:36 PM »
I know of four methods of starting a 3 strand eye splice:

1)  The old faithful - bend eye to the right

These all can be so oriented (just flip the one bend-to-left one over),
for an equal comparison.

As for others, hmmm, there is at least the method in which one splits the
trio of strands for the length of intended tucking AND eye, and re-lays one
against the two in opposite directions ("Flemish"?), which should bring
to-be-tucked ends back with different (from above) placement.  (With a
PP soft-laid cord in hand (i.e., one that is easily re-laid, with its stiff,
shape-retaining ("memory") fibres), I'm now contemplating how to do
the tucks (and not seeing a compelling course)-:  .)

I recall at one time thinking to try to figure out--but not following through--
if there were tuckings not shown in ABOK where one reversed the
parts of the rope--i.e., see the end being tucked as instead the SPart,
and then how was it that the former SPart's strands came into IT (this
requires that the given tucking doesn't alter the relation of the strands
from the raw-rope order, changing positions).

Then, beyond the tucking start, there's the continuation--over & under
or around (sailmaker's), and with some opening/unlaying of the strand
to *flatten* it or not.  And the finish, where one might try, e.g., a by-strand
taper (what Brion called "California taper", I think--aka "West Coast t.")

At one point I took some 5/16" laid rope (short bit) and brought the ends
together to marry in a sailmaker's splice sort of way, thus creating three
fattened strands, which I think short-spliced into a 3/8" SPart.  That
was fun, and consumed some spare bits of no great importance.