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Title: IGKT knot reference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Willeke on April 27, 2005, 09:49:40 PM
Mentioned in several threads already, brought up by Jimbo The Kinky, I like the idea of one IGKT site for knot reverence.
It will not replace any book (esp. ABOK) for a long time but if we start now, maybe we get all knots collected one day, in images and with names.

To get a start I would suggest all of us who have sites, or pages on other peoples sites, to place a link in this thread so every one can see the work and add their view on this.

So let me start, I have this website and for it I made some instructions how to tie the knots involved.
And some braids, though mainly without names,

and I have a few knots in my yahoo album,

If you have a collection of knots online, with or without names, give us a link and we can see what is going to work.
If we do get a good start, we can hand it on to the IGKT main website.

Title: Re: Reference to Reverence...
Post by: Jimbo on April 27, 2005, 10:57:08 PM

Awww!  You beat me to it!   ;D

That's okay, I don't mind coattailing ( you!  Being a lowly, Wretched ( Kinker of lower-middle Cordage, I can only see what I see by "standing on the shoulders of giants (" anyway.

There is one thing, though, I noticed, and I hesitate to mention it because it works out so well...

I think you may have meant "Reference" ( book.  The English word "reverence (" has a totally different meaning.  However, I hesitate to mention it (as, I suspect, do others) because your word fits the subject so well it's likely we'd all rather use your word instead!

I personally have no problem at all with "honor or respect felt or shown (" for knotting and all knotters!!  In fact, I stand in reverence to your clever turn of a phrase!!

So I hereby move Willeke's term "Knot Reverence" be considered seriously for a prominent place in this process...

Just a thought. 8)
Title: Re: IGKT knot refference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Willeke on April 27, 2005, 11:23:25 PM
As a person brought up to speak an other language, and a little lazy, not checking my spelling on the forum, I missed the mistake.
I changed the heading of the thread, but left the mistake in the text, changed it so people will be able to find it in the future.

Title: Re: IGKT knot reference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Jimbo on April 29, 2005, 08:08:09 PM

On to the topic at hand...  

[Opinion] This just seems to be one of those "visual arts", that is best passed on pictorially.

I've tried a few times to verbally describe knots (I once even discovered a method to eye-splice laid-core Kernmantle without a splicing needle and described it in detail on rec.crafts.knots - fat lot of Good that did), and it never seems to work out as well as I'd hoped.

Even the President hisself says so...  Politely, of course, but I get the point!

And then, after getting the Single Bottle Knot (bazz) (;action=display;num=1114193078) photographed & posted, well, I'm convinced now.

I still like documenting them verbally, but I have seen the light, and all that rot -- the multimedia approach works.[/Opinion]


While looking for something else, I ran across The Most Useful Rope Knots for the Average Person to Know ( and was fairly impressed.  The main site is a little "fundamentalistic", but you don't have to go there.  I had been looking for something, but I got so caught up in the place I forgot what I was looking for.

(As an aside, I often find myself these days wondering about the "hereafter" ... I go into a room and ask myself "What was I here after??"  Mild case of "Old-timer's Disease", I reckon!)

The "Knot Reverence" (props to Willeke) idea came up after reading a thousand references to "ABOK #xxxx" (be careful not to use numbers, or Brian will look them up for you ;D) on this site with no way for me to know what that was.  That was frustrating!!

Without my knowing it at the time, the folks over at Wikipedia were already "cutting first tracks" on that "snowfield": Knot - Wikimedia Commons (  This is a work in progress, but the structure of what I had in mind is almost there...

I guess there's some "catching up" to be done, eh?

All I wanted to add would be that the International Guild of Knot Tyers ( seems to be a more authoritative ... "authority" than a single individual or a church advert or a "wiki"...

And it would help a lot of po' folks like me to have a link to follow to (e.g.) "IGKT#xxxx", instead of the usual ABOK references.  [Disclaimer] Please don't think I'm knocking Clifford Ashley!!!!!!!  I know his ABOK is the shining example I intend to emulate!!![/Disclaimer]  It's just easier and more "21st-Century" to have an online "reverence"...

To borrow a line from the Socialists: "Think of the children!!"  :-/

Seriously.  Now I just hope to stir up some interest here...

Title: Re: IGKT knot reference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Willeke on May 11, 2005, 10:35:09 PM
Come on Fellows,
I know some of you have a list of knots on the web, I do just not know where.
I can search the web but I rather have you telling me where to find your list, or the list you like best made by someone else.

So add to the list we are making!!!!

Title: Re: IGKT knot reference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Knot Head on May 14, 2005, 10:33:04 PM
Hi all,
I think the ideal person to discuss this with would be Gordon. He is the IGKT Librarian. Gordon would have all kinds of ways and all kinds of references to the project you wish to build.

Now making it come to pass is a different story. Building an online reference is not an easy task. It will take quite some time to build. The ideal way to do this kind of project is to use an online system that has a really big data base and can be udated and edited from a desktop application which connects to the data base. Another option would be to have both web access and a desktop application to update and edit the data base.

An idea would be to research on the internet for an online Library that would do the job. Most likely one of the two programming languages will be used to build an online library,

1. PHP with MySQL data base running in the backend.
2. ASP using either MySQL or an Access Data base.

Either one will do the job effectively and efficiantly. The only draw back with ASP using an Access Data base is the Access Data base will become unstable after a huge amount of entries. The reason for this is because the Access Data base is built with Microsofts Access Application. The Access Data base then starts to fill up and hence the data base file gets larger and larger. Some servers or hosts do not like to support the Access data base for that simple reason and because of security issues that follow along with it.

MySQL on the other hand is a solid data base system and is run as a server by itself. As far as security goes, It uses the MD5 encryption system to encrypt the data base. With MySQL as the data base you can fill up your data base to almost any size and it will still retain security and integrity.

As a developer, I have used both ASP and PHP to develope content driven website with. I have found that PHP is a lot more stable than ASP and PHP can do a lot more verses ASP.

Well enough of my babbling. Hope this kind of helps bring some things into view. :)
Title: Re: IGKT knot reference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Willeke on May 16, 2005, 01:38:08 AM
I think at this time we should look at the knots already on the net and get a working list of sites where they can be found, later we can decide what we want to make ourselfs and als last we need to look at how we are going to do it. I guess it may be years before we are ready to make a site ourselfs, and I would like to get it on the IGKT site or a site like that'.

Title: Re: IGKT knot reference 'book' / 'site' ?
Post by: Willeke on June 05, 2005, 01:38:23 AM

This is the kind of listing I am looking for.
Has any body else a list of knots, favourite or just working so we can at least point people looking for knots in the right direction?