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Title: Knots history and The Guardian
Post by: mcjtom on January 20, 2021, 04:20:42 PM
This may be of interest to IGKT members:
Title: Re: Knots history and The Guardian
Post by: KC on January 20, 2021, 10:56:33 PM
Thanx, i think of this often and fires my concerns to pass thru scouts etc. these things
>>as perhaps Natural exercise to understanding mechanix and commanding the world around.

i think very, very early. 
Just this 'software' turns to dust much sooner than hardware tools grabbing the limelight.
>>But flexible devices/rope was most workable, form-able medium of construction of roof, clothes, power transfer
>>could have stick and rock, but had to bind devices and properties for hammer
Natural fiber choice of du jour as there was nothing else.
>>Long before taming fire, wheel, steel, probably even language..
Could devise and play by chipping rock, carving wood or folding rope.
>>over time could probably get more time with different rope trials, more easily (except being a rigid outer framework)than rigid devices
Some animals make very few knots and weaves to mimic
>>thus kinda on the species 'cusp' between a few specialty animals and human use/play/understanding
>>a root of comprehension level/difference?
i really think took the most /longest ordered steps outside of self to construct outcome
>>1 step wrong and can jam, melt away in hand etc.
To command and hand down, became an engineering of series of properly aligned and linked steps, perhaps first of it's kind.
Perhaps one of  roots of human engineering and understanding how to control a piece of the world around outside self.
>>still today must correctly in proper order give pointed , correctly ordered, linked list of computer commands'
>>anything out of order etc. can melt thru fingers (or worse)
Title: Re: Knots history and The Guardian
Post by: KC on January 22, 2021, 11:29:48 PM
i kinda like the spirit of this response:
"Humans didn't learn knots, knots are a form of intelligence that insinuated themselves into human life, the bowline and sheep shank merely our attempts to domesticate them.

The proof is obvious to anyone who picks up their earbuds after carefully coiling them or trying to take one lead out of a box of guitar leads, or a rope from a pile of ropes that were not securely bound before turning out backs on them.

Make no mistake, an unwatched rope or shoelace will tie its own knot, a thing of chaotic beauty that mocks our attempts to make them do our bidding"
-theonlyboatman 20 Jan 2021