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Title: Figure 8 eye slipped and tucked with a crossing hitch
Post by: GeorgeG on March 20, 2019, 01:39:27 AM
Hello all. I?m just wondering if anyone can help here: A while back I was trying to come up with an eye knot based on a slipped figure 8 with a securing tuck similar to, and indeed inspired by, the Yosemite-Lee bowline. What I settled on had the form of a crossing hitch. It is easy to tie and reasonably secure although I wouldn't use it as a replacement for the standard fig.8 loop in a critical situation. It seems fairly resistant to jamming and is stable under ring loading but I haven't properly tested it in these regards.
I then realised that if I tied the knot in reverse, that is crossing hitch first, the knot would be post eye tiable, which is a useful feature; and is more secure than the fig.8-first version. Later I got back to thinking about this knot and its original intent which was to be an easily tiable eye based on a slipped fig. 8. I didn't think about this at the time being more interested in the PET aspect and increased security of the CH-1st version. One of my favourite stopper knots is the Stevedores. So I redid the original version as a slipped and tucked Stevedores and it looks like it is significantly more secure. I still wouldn't use it in a critical situation but it's definitely an improvement.
It's a tidy little knot and rather like it. I would imagine that this knot already exists but I have not been able to find any examples of it. Has anyone seen this before and know a name for it? Many thanks ? George
Title: Re: Figure 8 eye slipped and tucked with a crossing hitch
Post by: Dan_Lehman on March 22, 2019, 01:58:53 AM
No, I've not seen this previously.

It's an interesting thing to consider
whether to load one or the other of
the ends!

Title: Re: Figure 8 eye slipped and tucked with a crossing hitch
Post by: GeorgeG on March 24, 2019, 02:50:02 AM
Thanks Dan. As far as being a slipped and tucked fig. 8 eye goes it holds fairly well under static load; but I'd be concerned that the tuck could work loose with shaking and jerking. The Stevedores version goes some way to addressing this but not far enough for critical purposes in my opinion.
My preference is for the crossing hitch 1st version. With the load on that end the crossing hitch acts as a compressing structure which adds to the fig. 8 being a more secure finish.
Also, for a slight increase in tying difficulty, you get a post eye tiable knot which I really like; and it's also easier to adjust the size of the eye after tying.